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2023 Kevin Lodder Scholarship Winner

Jennifer Haning

Oak Hill Marina

Kevin Lodder Scholarship Recipient 1.jpg

Jennifer Haning

2023 Duane Spader Leadership Scholarship Winner

Zachary Meyer, Mark’s Leisure Time Marine

Duane Spader Leadership Development Scholarship 1.jpg

Jeff Siems, Tyson Rhoad, Jim Coburn

2022 MTA Technical Scholarship Winners

Lodder Family.jpg
Boat Engine Repair, v2.jpg

Business Management

This scholarship was founded 2004 in memory of Kevin Lodder of Lodder’s Marine in Fairfield, OH.  Kevin was dedicated to the marine industry. It is that  dedication, passion for the work and desire to achieve greater success through first-class education that is the basis of the Kevin Lodder Scholarship. 

Recipients of this scholarship will receive tuition to attend the Spader Total Management 1 workshop in Albuquerque, NM and stipend to offset travel expenses

Leadership Development

This scholarship was established in 2013 to honor the marine industry service and leadership philosophy of life-long learner Duane Spader, the founder of Spader Business Management. This scholarship helps current and up-and-coming dealership leaders excel at their jobs.

The recipients of this scholarship will receive tuition to attend the Spader Leadership Development Program in Albuquerque, NM over the course of 15 – 18 months

Technical Training

The Marine Trades Association Technical Scholarship was created to offer technical training financial assistance  for  current and prospective dealership personnel.

Marine trade associations applying for this scholarship must show evidence of plans to offer their own Scholarship for technical training of marine dealership personnel in the year ahead and commit to matching the $1,500 scholarship awarded to the recipient.

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